Carpebo Nuts Company

Branding & Web Design for a modern nuts trading company

Carpebo is a Greek company specializing in the wholesale distribution of nuts and dried fruits. Founded by the Balesntravos family, who have 30 years of experience in nuts trading, Carpebo offers a variety of products including walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios. The company is dedicated to quality and reliable partnerships, supplying businesses across Greece and Europe with carefully sorted and handpicked nuts. Also they work closely with local Greek farmers in order to supply their clients with the bst quality greek walnuts.

Paschalis, ask Opacity to create a modern visual identity and a contemporary website for his company. 

We have designed a modern logo for Carpebo, incorporating the Greek letter “M” from the family surname along with an image of the company’s primary product: walnuts. This logo has been developed in several variations to suit different marketing promotions, ensuring versatility and consistency across all platforms.

Additionally, we have created a modern, responsive website that is optimized for all devices. The primary objective of this website is to inform potential customers about Carpebo’s products and to engage with Greek nut farmers and producers.

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