Our team creates unforgettable custom experiences that exceed expectations by understanding our clients’ needs and paying meticulous attention to detail.

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Web Design • Branding • Marketing Strategy


Web Design • Branding • SEO


Web Design • Branding • SEO


We work with innovative startups and small medium businesses.

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Our Services


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Let's meet Christos, the Founder and Creative Director of OpacityWorks

Christos Balesntravos

OPACITY founder & Creative Director

The founder & creative director of Opacity Design is a highly skilled individual with a wealth of experience in HTML, CSS, graphics design, web design, UX design, and SEO. With a track record of success, this professional has worked on numerous projects and has demonstrated an unmatched level of dedication and hard work. We look forward to seeing all the amazing achievements to come in the future.

Learned to code at 12 years old
Unlocked a world of endless possibilities. He developed essential skills for the digital age.
Learned to use Adobe Suite at 14 years old
He mastered the Adobe Suite, showcasing his exceptional talent and unwavering confidence.
Graphics Design Courses - CalArts
He gained a strong foundation in visual communication and digital design principles through his studies in graphics design at California Institute of the Arts' course.
UX Design Courses - CalArts
Gained valuable insights into user-centered design principles through the Coursera UX Design course from the California Institute of the Arts.
UX Design Courses - Georgia Tech
Christos gained valuable insights into user-centered design, prototyping, and research methods during his UX Design course at Georgia Tech.


At opacity our first priority as a studio is to create unique and individual designs for each of our clients. We always focus on the creative and artistic side of every project.

Yes! Our purpose as a branding and design studio is to create value with our design to small and medium sized companies. As creatives and also entrepreneurs we understand the value that the good design could give in any business and in any aspect of every other project. So we decided and we stayed focused to serve and to give the opportunity in SMB’s people to have good design in their companies. 

Our studio offer services based in clients budget needs. As a company which is active in Greece, we understand the difficulties every business has to deal with, so we are flexible in our pricing strategy in order to service in full our clients and of course to have them happy with our works.

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